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rikard454 Offline

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22.03.2023 08:55
1953 Horex Regina for sale Zitat · Antworten

Hello all! I hope it is OK for me to write in English as my German is quite poor :)

I have a Horex Regina from 1953 that I have owned for ten years now and I realize that I hardly ride it anymore. I have three motorcycles and this gets the least time during our short summers up here in the Arctic’s when it comes to riding it.

I guess I feel that it is almost too nice to ride so I hesitate to take it out for a spin…

It was sold new up here in the North of Sweden to a farmer in a village outside Boden. It later on changed hands and went even further North to a tiny village called Aapua.

It then was bought by a gentleman in my village of Rutvik in 1987 and he had it restored at no expense by a Swedish professional restorer (who is well known for his detailed high-end restorations, working mostly with old Cadillacs nowadays).

But it seems that this gentleman never rode it. When he passed away in 2013 the bike was more or less discovered just sitting in his heated garage under a cover and I bought it from the estate so I am the fourth owner since it was new.

I rinsed out the tank and replaced the fuel lines and valves/cocks. I also went through the front forks and replaced the seals there and had the carburetor cleaned. I also added a fuse to the negative battery cable.

After that it has worked very well for me, I had the horn refurbished and repainted the red paint on the tank but besides that I have only enjoyed it. But I have only ridden it 120 km in the last eight years so it feels right that someone else should enjoy it now.

The odometer shows just over 5100 km, if that is the total from new or not I do not know…

I have put up a Google Photos album with around 70 high resolution images taken with a digital system camera that should show the cosmetic condition of the bike. The pictures are taken in the summer of 2021 but the bike has not been ridden since they were taken so the condition is unchanged. But I cannot add the link to Google Photos as this user ID is new, my old user ID on this forum has expired it seems. But I will add one picture here and if anyone is interested in seeing all the images just send me an e-mail and I will send you the link to all the photos.

I also have a YouTube video I took yesterday showing me starting the bike, I will send the link to that as well if you send me your e-mail address.

The bike starts easily and runs really well and have never caused any issues for me. It does leave a drop of oil on my garage floor if it stands for a few months but what 70 year old motorcycle does not do that ;)

From what I understand it is in original condition including Weinmann rims and the frame and motor has the same serial number. But I am no expert on these bikes, I have even never seen any more in real life - they are very rare up here. But I have been told a lot by German tourists that has seen me riding by. One even chased me down yelling “Werner!” when I passed the local church :)

I thought I would offer the bike here on this forum first as I have received some help from other forum members when I first got the bike.

I am asking 12500 Euro for the bike including a new battery, some extra Castrol motor oil, a Pagusa passenger seat in perfect condition (not on the bike now), a CTEK 6volts battery charger and some additional spare parts including a new lock with keys for the tool box (we could not locate the keys for the tool box when I bought the bike so I do not know what is in there…).

It would be very easy to export and register the bike in another EU country and I would be happy to assist with shipping arrangements but the actual shipping costs would have to be paid by the buyer.

Let me know if I can supply any more pictures or any kind of information. I live just outside the town of Luleå, almost up by the Arctic Circle in the North of Sweden but the town is easily accessible by plane via Stockholm (a one hour flight from Stockholm) if you would like to see the bike in person.

Thank you for your interest and thank you for this lovely web forum!

Rikard Stenberg
+46 70 3916 007

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27.03.2023 18:51
#2 RE: 1953 Horex Regina for sale Zitat · Antworten

Hello again!

I have had some interest in the bike (but it is not sold yet) - several has asked about shipping options and I have spent some time looking into the shipping of the Regina and it would be really easy to have it sent by truck to Gothenburg in the South of Sweden.

Let me know if anyone else would like to see pictures and the video of the bike....

(I will advertise it on other sites soon)


rikard454 Offline

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02.04.2023 16:50
#3 RE: 1953 Horex Regina for sale Zitat · Antworten

Hello, just wanted to say that it will be listed on shortly at the price of 12.000 Euro so I am offering it for that price here as well.

I had some help creating a describing short text in German as well:

Horex Regina 350 in Schweden zu verkaufen. Es ist einfach, sie in einem anderen EU-Land zu registrieren, und ich kann bei den Versandarrangements helfen, wenn Sie das brauchen.

Vor 35 Jahren fachmännisch restauriert, danach kaum benutzt; ich besitze sie seit 10 Jahren, und sie läuft gut. Es sind viele hochauflösende Bilder sowie ein Video vom Anlassen verfügbar. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie alle 70 Bilder und das Video sehen möchten.

Original Weinmann Rad, passende Seriennummer auf Rahmen und Motor. Beifahrersitz inklusive.

Danke für Ihr Interesse!


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